- Model System 4 - Highly Accurate Infrared and Fibre Optic Thermometers



High-precision, single-spot pyrometers provide exceptional flexibility across a wide range of temperatures, operating wavelengths and applications. System 4 brings together AMETEK Land’s world-leading range of highly accurate infrared and fibre optic thermometers with our Landmark signal processors, delivering plant operators a complete temperature measurement system capability.

A flexible solution tailored to your application, System 4 brings operators numerous safety, cost and product quality benefits. Operators can choose the components suited to their process, confident that they will work together reliably without the need for recalibration or constant maintenance. With thousands of installations in industrial environments System 4 has proven its durability and accuracy over many years of operation.

With its combination of focusable optics that don't require the thermometer to be removed from its protective mounting jacket and through the lens sighting for clear, guaranteed target confirmation is assured. Optional close up lenses enable System 4 to provide accurate, drift-free measurements for targets as small as 0.45mm (0.02in).

Landmark signal processing delivers intelligent and stable process temperature measurements.

Highly accurate and offering fast response speeds, System 4 is designed for continuous quality and process monitoring, that can easily be used for process control in numerous glass, industrial processing and steel applications.

Outstanding Choice
System 4’s advanced range of 38 models – single wavelength, ratio, fibre optic and fibre optic ratio versions – is fully interchangeable with four System 4 Landmark signal processors and a series of mounting options, which means there’s an ideal temperature measurement solution to fit your application.

Exceptional Measurements
System 4 pyrometers are rugged, precise and reliable, using through-the-lens sighting from as close as 90mm (3.5in), or flexible fibre optics for normally inaccessible areas - ensuring continuous product temperature measurements, whatever the process conditions.

Designed for Difficult Environments
Suited to applications ranging from 0 °C (50 °F) to 2600 °C (4700 °F), the versatile System 4 range offers precise, dependable options designed to handle processes in harsh conditions, including high temperature and high RF environments.

System 4 is AMETEK Land’s complete family of flexible non-contact temperature measurement solutions with an extensive choice of options.

  • Fully interchangeable thermometer and processors ensure maximum flexibility without the need for recalibration.
  • Wide range of thermometers with focusable, through-the-lens sighting or flexible fibroptics with optional laser targeting.
  • Small target capability
  • Wide range of highly effective mounting accessories
  • Rugged, flexible, modular design
  • Accurate, reliable, drift-free measurement
  • Industry standard outputs to suit any process monitoring, recording or control system

  • Focusable optics - standard and short focus versions with through-the-lens sighting  - providing clear and guaranteed definition of target.
  • Optional close-up lenses - giving measurement of targets as small as 0.45mm.
  • Accurate, reliable, drift-free measurement - total confidence in the measured readings
  • Rugged design with a range of mounting options - suitable for all measurement environments
  • Flexible fibre optics light guide versions - with optional laser targeting system to define target spot.
  • High level linear output - simple and straightforward outputs to external devices

SYSTEM 4 High Precision Infrared Non-contact Thermometers comprises an advanced range of high precision radiation thermometers, LANDMARK processors and a range of mounting accessories which combine to form a complete temperature measurement system.

Thermometer type, temperature range, spectral response and optical characteristics are chosen to suit any application from 0 to 2600°C/ 32 to 4700°F..

Radiation Thermometers

Proven, reliable electronics and a high quality optical system combine to give a thermometer which delivers accurate, dependable temperature measurement. A rugged die-cast aluminium body, with a high quality electrical connector, ensures reliable performance.

Standard bodied thermometers all feature through-the-lens sighting with a 6° field of view. Adjustable focus with a circular graticule gives precise alignment on to the smallest of targets. Two optical variants are available: Standard focus - adjustable between 500mm and infinity, and Short-focus - viewing from 350mm to 1m. Close-up lenses are also available which can measure targets as small as 0.45mm from as close as 90mm.

Fibroptic Thermometers

The use of flexible fibre optics light guides allows the detector and electronics enclosure to be located in a less hostile environment, and enables access to difficult targets.

The fibroptic thermometers are available with an optional integral laser targeting system which defines the target spot for accurate alignment.

The use of fibre optics permits viewing of normally inaccessible targets, where there are high magnetic fields or in high ambient temperatures up to 200 °C without cooling of the optic head. There is a choice of three optic heads and three light guide lengths.

Emissivity Enhancer

The Emissivity Enhancer improves the accuracy of System 4 short wavelength thermometers on difficult to measure materials such as bright annealed and stainless steel strip.

Intended for use on low emssivity materials it gives enhanced emissivity values.

Metal Production

  • Smelting, refining, pouring, continuous casting, slabbing, reheating, rolling, drawing, coiling, extruding, coating, annealing, stamping, pressing, forging, sintering, galvanizing, heat treatment...

Glass Production

  • Melting, refining, firing, gob formation, furnaces, floating, molding, tempering, laminating, fiber drawing, vapor deposition, preforming...

Mineral Processing

  • Firing, mixing, drying, storing, conveying, laying...


  • Rolling, drying, calendering, coating, printing, photographic, curing...


  • Mixing, calendering, extruding, thermoforming, molding, shrinking, laminating, blown film..


  • Catalyst beds, powder drying, mixing, furnaces, thermal reactors...

Food & Pharmaceuticals

  • Freezing, molding, extrusion, sterilizing, tablet drying, labelling, sealing...


  • Wave soldering, glass coating,circuit board testing, doping....

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