- Model 5100 - Gas Analyzer



The Model 5100 hosts a single laser platform to measure a single gas analyte. The Model 5100 can measure any one of the following gas analytes: water vapor, methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen in process or flue gas. If water vapor is the measured gas analyte, methane can be monitored additionally at percent levels using the same laser.

The Model 5100 is designed to handle sample gases with dew points as high as 55ºC. For higher temperature dewpoint applications the Model 5100HD is recommended.

A key feature of the Model 5100 is the use of a sealed reference cell, which contains a known amount of analyte gas measured, for referencing the emission wavelength of the laser. The use of a reference cell enables both the ability to line-lock the lasers and to continuously verify the instrument calibration.

Model 5100 offers high specificity, selectivity, speed of response and great reliability.

  • Noncontact measurement for low maintenance
  • All digital signal processing
  • Web-based interface
  • Connectivity by modbus, ethernet and analog
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Fully integrated sample handling
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Reference Cell enables Line Lock and Span Verification

  • Laser Classification: Class 1m
  • Dynamic Range: 250 mAU (mili-Absorbance Units)
  • Limit of Detection: 0.1 mAU
  • Speed of Response:
  • Accuracy: ±1 mAU or ±2%, whichever is greater
  • Repeatability: ±1 mAU or ±2%, whichever is greater
  • Independent Linearity: ±1 mAU or ±2%, whichever is greater
  • Stability: 0.5% of full scale range
  • 24 hour zero drift:
  • Inputs: One non-isolated analog input configurable as 0-5 V or 0-20 mA, One optically isolated discrete DC input, Front panel keypad
  • Outputs: 4 line x 20 character alphnumeric VF display, Fast Ethernet (IEE802.3), RS485 serial port, isolated (supports Modicon MODBUS RTU), RS232 serial port (for service use only), Two isolated 4-20 mA analog outputs, Four dry contacts (contact rating 30VAC, 60VDC, 100VA resistive)
  • Electrical Requirements: 120VAC (108-132V); 47-63 Hz or 240 VAC (216-264V); 47-63 Hz
  • Power Requirements:
  • Sample cell pressure: 70-170 kPa absolute (10 to 25 psia)
  • Ambient temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC (-4ºF to +122ºF)
  • Ambient humidity: 0-90%, non-condensing
  • Maximum altitude: 2000 m
  • Pollution degree: 2
  • Sample flow rate: 1-10 lpm (2-20 SCFH)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 64.23 cm x 83.03 cm x 29.53 cm (25.29' x 32.69' x 11.63')
  • Weight: 58.97 kg (130 lb)
  • Enclosure: IP65, NEMA 4

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