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- Model COM 2000 - Container Mixer


The spiral mixing bladeof the container mixer initiates a three-dimensional flow of the mixing goods; creating a spiral upward movement on the periphery and downward flow in the centre. This patented mixing tool provides very good mixing results.The container mixer can be used for dry powder and wet suspensions as well as liquids.

  • The COM Container Mixer can be used by any industry requiring a high quality blend of ingredients.
  • It can achieve high quality blends in the most difficult situations such as varying filling level from 10 to 100 %, varying particle size and shape, poor flow ability characteristics or dry ingredient blends that require liquid content.
  • The Mixtainer® may be tilted to increase the lateral motion of product in the mix chamber which further enhances the mixing process.
  • In industries such as food and pharmaceutical where hygienic standards must be met, CIP accessories, aseptic connections, and sanitary construction is available to meet the most stringent requirements of FDA, 3a-sanitary-standards and EHEDG.
  • Demonstration facilities exist both in Europe and North America for blend and cleaning tests as well as validation procedure development.

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