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Wheel loaders AMKODOR 332В-01 and AMKODOR 333В-01 are modifications of wheel loaders AMKODOR 332B and AMKODOR 333B with raised dump height

A lot of people choose wheel loaders according to cost minimization principle. It is important to pay attention to both value for money and 1 hour operation cost. This factor includes cost of energy supply, repair and service during a period of time.

Wheel loader is a bucket loader modification. It can grip various materials, load and transport them for long distances, work at charging paces and sand plains.

A new wheel loader with hydromechanical transmission is very popular with customers. It is more comfortable in use and quite cheap.

First of all loaders are classified according to chassis type: track and wheel. Track loaders are not so maneuverable as wheel and it is required special vehicle to deliver such loader to working place. But they are much more better than wheel loaders according to flotation and engine power.

Wheel loaders are more maneuverable and can travel along the road. That is why they are considered to be the most multifunctional loaders.

Single-bucket excavator is one of the cycle work machines. Its working process consists of step-by-step operations: intake of soil with the help of bucket, transporting of soil to the unloading place, soil unloading, returning to the starting position. Single-bucket loader has about such kind of operations complex. 

According to purpose excavators could be divided into road, road-pit, stripping, tunnel and mining equipment. Pit and stripping machines are mining machines but they are used during dam, canal, water storage construction and other big soil works.

For earthworks is often used single-bucket wheel loader. Its loading attachments are produced with Z-shaped lever system and one turning bucket hydrocylinder. After unloading at max height cinematics automatically returns the bucket to the digging position. All main devices and working attachments of these machines are maximal normalized. Wheel loader has a wide range of models with common volumetric decision.  

Track and wheel loaders provide attachment (bucket) unloading forward at specified height. Overloader has the same operating principle in both track and wheel loaders.

Portal frame has a rough connection with the main frame of tractor. On pins are freely fastened parts of attachments: bucket turn hydrocylinder and boom lift, also the boom itself and bucket control mechanism on it. The bucket is installed to the boom and turning draft.

Mini loader is suited to small construction areas. These machines successfully work in restricted space conditions. They are also have quite high power characteristics for their type, have long useful life, easy service maintenance. It is possible to purchase front overloader for mini tractor.

  • Operating capacity, kg 2 700
  • Main bucket ТО-18Д.21.00.000-02
  • Bucket capacity, m3 1.5
  • Cutting edge width, mm 2 500
  • Dump height, mm 3 300
  • Dump reach, mm 1 200
  • Turning radius, mm 5 800
  • Breakout force, kN 90
  • Tipping load in fold (±40°) position, kN 54
  • Operating weight, kg 10600
  • Engine Д-260.2
  • Engine power 95.6 kW (130 hp) 2100 rpm
  • Transmission Hydromechanical
  • Travel speed forward/reverse, km/h:
    • 1-st 6.5/6.7
    • 2-nd 12.9/23.2
    • 3-rd 24.4/--
    • 4-th 36/--
  • Rear axle oscillation, deg ±12
  • Tires, inch 21.3-24
  • Differential gear With excessive friction
  • Service brake system Multidisk oil-immersed brakes in wheel hubs with hydraulic drive for each axle
  • Parking and emergency brake systems Single disk dry brakes with spring contraction and hydraulic brake-off
  • Steering Articulated frame with hydraulic drive and hydraulic feedback, emergency pump with drive from drive wheels
  • Steering and loading hydraulic system Double-pump with priority valve for steering
  • Distributive valve type 2-sectional with direct hydraulic control
  • Hydraulic cycle period, sec:
    • lifting6.1
    • unloading 1.3
    • lowering 4.7
  • Length in transport position with main bucket, mm 7 280
  • Width over wheels, mm 2 450
  • Height over cab, mm 3 400

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