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Ammonia Stripping



Where ammonia is present in water to be treated, you can remove it using air stripping technology.

By a combination of pH adjustment and temperature, we calculate the tower size for any required efficiency. The most common application is for waste water at ambient temperature. By increasing the pH to 11, removals in the 80-90%  range can be provided.

With large systems, the discharge air will need treatment to collect the ammonia. We provide a closed loop system where the discharge air is treated with an acid wash to form a salt from the ammonia and the air is reused in the stripper.

Ammonia Strippers employ a combination of pH adjustment and air , blowing counterflow to water to strip Ammonia from the water.  This can , help reduce or eliminate the need for further treatment.  Ammonia strippers , have been applied in various industries, for the removal of Ammonia , generated in Steel production from Coke, various chemical processes, , landfill leachate, and other applications.  It is particularly well suited when , concentrations are high and can handle virtually any inlet concentration.

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