Ammonia Synthesis

Our initial focus is the $100 billion USD worldwide ammonia market, which offers several hundred million dollars of total available market to QSI. With more than 82% of all ammonia produced globally used to make agricultural fertilizer that grows food more efficiently, ammonia is absolutely critical to the global food supply. In fact, ammonia is responsible for contributing to the growth of up to 50% of the protein consumed by humans.

Production of ammonia consumes nearly 2% of the world’s energy and is responsible for nearly 5% of annual global natural gas consumption. China, the world’s largest ammonia producer, accounts for more than 30% of ammonia produced annually worldwide.

Every ammonia producer can benefit from our technology’s ability to create higher chemical reaction activity rates and faster light-off at lower temperatures and pressures. By lowering the reaction temperature and pressure, thus increasing overall conversion efficiency, our FeNIX iron nanocatalyst accelerators have the potential to increase ammonia production output by 10-15% per plant. According to ammonia industry experts, an increase of 5% in ammonia production in a medium-sized plant can translate into millions of dollars annually.

We don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to say our technology is planet-altering. Our nanotechnology breakthrough promises not only significant energy and infrastructure savings, it also promises improvements in both food and fuel production.

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