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Ammonia Unloading Module


The Powell Ammonia Unloading Module is designed for the off-loading of anhydrous ammonia from railcars or tank cars. The piping, valve arrangement, and program logic are based on the stringent safety standards used in the chlorine industry for the unloading of railcars (Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 57). The module is supplied as a complete unit with all controls and instrumentation pre-assembled, wired, and pressure tested. This simplifies installation significantly, potentially resulting in considerable savings in time and materials.

The Powell Ammonia Unloading Module is completely customizable to accommodate individual customer needs. In the configuration displayed in the photo below, the top line is used for the ammonia coming off of the railcar while the middle line is used to evacuate the line of ammonia before disconnecting it from the car. This line is pulled into an ammonia scrubber. The bottom line of piping is for padding ammonia vapor supply to the railcar.

  • Welded A-106 seamless schedule 80 carbon steel piping.
  • 300# flanged Durco plug valves, Hastelloy C and Monel available.
  • Ashcroft 30/0/300 compound pressure gauges, 300# flanged or 1' NPT seals available.
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix processor with 12 1/2' color screen display, NEMA 4X enclosure, programmed by Powell.
  • Instrument air manifold, individual isolation valves with locking handles.
  • ASCO low power 24 VDC solenoid valves.

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