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The Meteo-40 data logger is the heart of your measurement system. The data logger ensures accurate measurements to the high standards required by professional consultants, operators and climate research institutes. The Meteo-40 series is designed for wind and solar resource assessment as well as for monitoring of wind farms and solar power plants. Additionally, Meteo-40 can be implemented in traffic and agricultural meteorology. Meteo-40 data loggers are suitable for all climates and remote regions thanks to well-designed technology and low power consumption. Meteo-40 can easily be integrated in SCADA systems to provide reliable comparative meteorological data. Considering the measurement data recorded by Meteo-40, for example predictions about the annual production can be verified. With its configurable Modbus Register Map, Meteo-40 is designed for operation in most existing SCADA system.

Meteo-40 offers up to 2 GB memory recording of complete 1-second original measurement data (for approximately 1 year with typical number of sensors), high resolution (16 bit and 8 Hz), analog channels with a choice of various input ranges to choose from, a digital channel for smart sensors, 3 USB-slots for PC, modem and adapter connections (GSM / GPRS / CDMA / WiFi / Ethernet / memory stick / RS-485). Meteo-40 is available in three configurations Meteo-40L (large) with 35 channels, Meteo-40M (medium) with 22 channels and Meteo-40S (small) with 11 channels.

Ammonit data loggers are the core of each wind and solar measuring station. Our self-contained measuring systems are reliably powered by a 50W solar panel. Storage in a CE-certified steel cabinet protects the data logger against weather and condensation damage as well as theft and vandalism. Several optional components may be included, such as a remote communication module, a barometric pressure sensor, a battery and overvoltage protection. The data transfer between PC and logger can be performed via HTTPS, FTP, SCP connection, email, satellite or direct interface.

Application / Outdoors:

  • Data logger applications: wind and solar site assessment, wind farm and solar power plant monitoring, climate research, traffic and agricultural meteorology
  • Meteo-40 is available in three configurations: Meteo-40S (small), Meteo-40M (medium) & Meteo-40L (large)
  • Suitable for all climates and the remotest regions
  • Self-contained, low maintenance & high performance
  • Designed for the toughest real-world conditions and tested in independent laboratories
  • Low power consumption, runs on 50W solar panels

Measurement Technology

  • Up to 2 GB memory: recording of complete 1 sec. original measurement data (approx. 1 year - typical number of sensors)
  • Additional storage of aggregate data (min. 3 years)
  • Many channels (11, 22 or 35), differential measurement
  • High resolution (16bit, 8Hz): symmetric, differential analog channels with various input ranges to choose from (± 0.1V, ± 1V, ± 10V)
  • High sensitivity analog input, e.g., temperature sensor Pt1000
  • Digital channel for smart sensors such as the Thies TMR vane, no mechanical wear, higher precision
  • Counter channel with AC input support a combination of high quality Thies sensors with cheaper sensors, e.g. NRG sensor w/o adapter


  • Data communication and data exchange via HTTPS, FTP, SCP connection and email
  • Modem: GSM, CDMA, GPRS, RS-485; 3 USB slots for PC-connections; Adapter: WiFi, Ethernet; LAN, WLAN or memory stick
  • Compatibility with SCADA systems
  • Easy connection to computer via LAN, USB or remote via the internet

Flexibility / Convenience:

  • Integrated Linux system for maximum flexibility and adaptability
  • Web-based access without the need for additional software
  • User-friendly web interface and large LC display
  • Multi-lingual configuration; Meteo-40 settings can be adjusted to a language of your choice, currently English, Spanish, German, French.
  • Online help

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