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- Heavy-Duty Gas Vapor Probe Kits



Add Torque to your Gas Vapor Probe system!.The heavy-duty gas vapor probe kits have all of the components included in the regular GVP kits, but with the added benefit of flighted augers which allow you to penetrate rocky and hard soil conditions. The kit comes with enough flighted extensions to pre-bore a hole to a depth of 9 feet! The heavy duty GVP kits also come with a larger 2 1/2” concrete bit to allow clearance for the 2” diameter flighted augers – should you need to sample beneath concrete. The lead flighted auger bit comes with a hard surfaced tip for regular soil conditions and a carbide tip for heavily compacted soil. Pre-drill your boreholes with the flighted augers prior to insertion of your GVP extensions and sampling tips to increase the lifespan of your stainless steel sampling points. Pre-drilling with flighted augers also allows access to sampling points in horizontal and vertical angles.

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