Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

- Model 9410-VTR - Mid-sized PowerProbe



The PowerProbe 9400 Series is our mid-sized PowerProbe. The track-mounted 9410 VTR is compact for limited access areas being 56 inches wide, but maintains great augering (3,000 ft-lb) and direct push drilling (200 ft-lb) power. Fully loaded with all options (winch, SPT Hammer, Direct Push Hammer, and Auger Motor), it has a surface load of only 5.6 psi, which allows you many options in a small area. The hydraulic system is load sensed which allows for better operating efficiency and fuel economy. The front blade tool tote with sample prep tray allows for in the field processing of samples and along with added tool storage so you can take most everything you need from drill location to drill location.

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