Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

- Model 3500 Series - Well Management Systems


The AMS 3500 is the smallest of the AMS well management systems. It was designed for users with a limited number of wells to monitor. This capable unit is available with manual or hydraulic systems. The automated, hydraulic-driven boom with double-spool system will handle sampling jobs up to 300 ft deep. The SK-3500 is built on a self-contained skid that can easily be slid into or out of a transport vehicle such as a pickup truck, flatbed truck or trailer.

A current owner, a groundwater consultant, documented the following based on sampling hundreds of monitoring wells in roughly a year for clients with his AMS Well Management System...

  • Manual sampling took two employees a full day to purge and sample 4-6 weeks at one client's service station.
  • With the AMS System, one operator can sample 16-20 wells a day, or equivalent to three client service stations.

A groundwater consultant documented his sampling times over a year before and after his purchase of an AMS System...

  • It took 488 hours for manual purging and sampling, 259 hours with the AMS System. This was a 47% time reduction.

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