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- Model ZW-A?? - A series Feed Hammer Mill

This kind of Hammer Mill can be used to crush raw materials of various granular, such as corn, wheat, peas, rice, oil cake, fish meal etc. Our hammer mill designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed and built with durable materials. It can deliver high quality processed grain with minimum maintenance and low operating costs. The Main Features of A series Feed Hammer Mill 1. It has stable performance and very suitable for small and medium sized factories to crush raw materials. 2. It has integral type base, beautiful appearance and high structural strength. 3. We adopt direct connection transmission. Both hammer arrangement and hammer sieve intervals are scientific and reasonable. So the fineness of the finished products are uniform. 4. The pulverizing room adopts secondary hitting technology. 5. The bearings are imported with high quality. So the operation temperature is low. 6. We have many kinds of screen cloth specification for you to choose. We also adopt quick starting doo

The materials are fed into the top intake port through the feeding device which matches this hammer mill, enters into the grinding room through intake direction plate. Under the beating of high speed rotating hammer and the rubbing effect of screen, material is grinded gradually, and discharges from the seat discharging port through screen holes under the effect of centrifugal force and airflow.

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