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- Soil Recovery Probes



AMS soil recovery probes do not have a slotted window in the body and can be used with liners. AMS soil recovery probes include the probe body, top cap, 10' comfortably-gripped cross handle, a plastic liner, and two plastic end caps.

Note: Soil recovery probes feature the exclusive AMS 'Reach and Grab' system. The specially threaded top cap allows the liner to protrude from the top of the soil probe body. This system allows you to easily remove the liner without disturbing the sample. Note: liners for soil recovery probes are 1/8' smaller in diameter than the diameter of the probe cylinder, and are also 1 3/4' longer than the specified length of the sampler.

NOTE: 7/8' probes take a 3/4' liner. 1 1/8' probes take a 1' liner.

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