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Would you like the trusted organic deposit cleaning power of AMSA BCP chemistry in your cooling tower water treatment scale and corrosion maintenance program?. DTEA II (BCP 1100) can be formulated with scale and corrosion inhibitors. The resulting one-drum formulation: Maintains clean surfaces, prevents corrosion, inhibits scale formation. When used with a biocide, these formulations provide a complete water treatment program with excellent biofilm control.

BCP™ 4000 series formulations are examples of formulas containing DTEA II™ (BCP™ 1100) and traditional scale and corrosion inhibitors. These select formulas illustrate the ability to formulate with DTEA II™.  If desired, customers can work with their blending partners to produce these BCP™ 4000 series formulas for their own use.

Of course, many other formulas are desired for specific water chemistries and applications. AMSA can assist customers to develop their own custom formulations that bring the organic deposit dispersion and cleaning power of AMSA BCP chemistry.

The following graphic represents a generic formulation containing DTEA II™ (BCP™ 1100) and scale and corrosion inhibitors:

All-ln-One Drum Generic Acidic Formulation

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