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AMT offers tailored membrane surface chemistries for a range of Bioprocessing applications. The surfaces on the membranes can contain hydroxyl groups, amino groups, silicones, fluoropolymers, propylenes or grafted gels. Strong, integrally skinned outer layer coatings allow tailoring for Bioapplications: CONTROLLED PORE SIZE Ultrafiltration of Biomolecules, CONTROLLED PORE SIZE EXTRACTIVE Bioreactors, CELL CULTURE Bioreactors, BIOXYGENATION for long term applications, Custom coated Affinity membranes.

Membrane Material/Construction
AMT's composite membranes are stronger than commonly used bioprocess materials. Made from FDA grade materials with zero extractables, the membranes are solvent resistant.

Advantages of AMT's technology are enhanced chemical, thermal, and long term stability due to coated composite membrane structures

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