- Model 1230 - Cooling Water Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor



AmTreat 1230 is a concentrated liquid scale and corrosion inhibitor. It is designed for use in a wide range of open recirculating cooling water systems where clean, scale and deposit-free surfaces are required for system life and efficiency. AmTreat 1230 accomplishes this with one easy to use product. AmTreat 1230 is used for corrosion and scale control in systems with highly corrosive and scaling makeup water and system operating conditions. It is also designed for use in systems employing acid feed for pH control.

AmTreat 1230 is very effective in high hardness scaling waters as well as corrosive waters. It contains a proprietary blend of organic and polymeric sequestrants, penetrants and dispersants to minimize system fouling from contaminants such as calcium, silica, iron, sludge and organics. It also contains special filming ingredients to establish a protective barrier against corrosion on both yellow metal and ferrous metal surfaces. AmTreat 1230 contains no chromate or zinc.

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