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- Grit Removal


Efficient removal of abrasives is essential to the prevention of wear and damage to mechanical equipment. AMWELL manufactures both aerated and non-aerated grit removal systems to handle any need. Several combinations of chain and flight collectors, dewatering screws, chain and bucket collectors, elevators, airlift pumps and circular grit collectors can be provided.


Quality - Nobody removes grit like Amwell. The only exciting thing about “grit” is the variety of sophisticated and efficient Amwell systems available for removing it. With over 140 years in the water and wastewater treatment industry, Amwell has perfected the design of numerous systems to match engineering and operator requirements.

Amwell's aerated grit removal systems offer the advantage of aeration to help separate grit from treatable organic materials. Aeration causes the treatable organic materials to remain in suspension while the grit settles out and is carried to a location for removal.

Four sizes of “dewatering screws” are available in systems offering capacities from 50 to 400 GPM, while our bucket elevator systems offer matching removal capacities. All systems can be timer controlled for automatic operation during peak flow periods.

  • Bucket Elevators
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Chain and Sprocket
  • Drag-out Collectors, Flight or Bucket type
  • Circular Grit Collectors
  • Airlift Pumps

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