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- Model AYW Series - Vertical Sewage Pump



The AYW verticals sewage pump is designed absorbing the advanced technical in the world and based on ASW submersible sewage pump’s hydraulic model, which is widely used in steel, power plant, coal, hospital, municipal works, chemical, medicine, building, hotel, sea water drainage etc. to transfer the sewage with grains and fibres, the city dirty water or rain water or some chemical processing.

High Efficiency and non-blocked:

Special designed double channel open impeller, high efficiency and non-blocked coupled with special designed casing and other wet end parts could be selected by different medium pumped to make sure the hydraulic performance and working life in transferring the suspend solids, long fibres and corrosive medium.

The impeller channel is width and smooth, max solids passing size is about 50% of the pump inlet.

Easy to use and long use life:

The motor is over-mounted and no cable underwater. Max temperature accepted is 80℃
The impeller work underwater and easy to start.

The pump could be controlled by automatic liquid level control cabinet, 100% automatic no need people monitor.
Maintenance- free design, famous brand full-closed roller bearing, good rigidity shaft. There is pre0injected high temperature withstanding lubricated grease make no injection more in using. The bearing and the shaft isolated by the shaft seal system, no contact the medium pumped to ensure the use life of the bearing.
There is double mechanical seal in series to provide the double protection made by anti-corrosive tungsten carbide or silicon carbide with special helixseal structure to ensure the continuously run without leakage.
O Seal Ring is used as the static seal to settle the problem of leakage and greatly enhance the pump’s life.

Stable, durable without vibration design

The pump is vertical structure, the driven unit (motor frame, coupling, shaft, pump frame, bearing) is made in one unit and can be superposed with variation of the underwater depth. The pump casing and impeller could be located underwater 0.5m – 10m depth and the motor work above the liquid surface, which is connected by shaft in stably run without vibration.
There is suction end in the pump inlet make the sucked liquid level as deep as possible without block and good anti twin sewage removal property.

Supported work outdoor, no need extra cost in pump housing, easy to use and maintenance

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