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Typical applications for multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps comprise plants for the rectification, evaporation, drying, sublimation, degassing, condensation, polymerisation and deodorising. Two-stage plants are predominantly used for the ventilation of turbine condensers.  Just as with other pump types, the compression ratio of counterpressure to intake pressure that can be achieved is limited. For suctioning from higher vacuums the total compression ratio must therefore be divided from the intake suction pressure to atmospheric pressure to several steam jet apparatus. The booster pressure and suction pressure are decisive for the number of stages. 

The immediate series line-up of several steam jet apparatus leads to high steam consumption since each downstream stage must also suction the booster steam from the previous stage and compress it. Surface or mixing condensers are therefore integrated between the individual stages where the steam is condensed as much as possible. 

In the high vacuum where the saturated steam temperature lie close to or below the cooling water temperature, the incorporation of condensers is no longer possible. The steam jet apparatus must be connected here directly in series. In the fine vacuum the jet apparatus must also be heated in addition. 

The steam jet vacuum pumps are individually designed for the respective application; they are optimised and constructed in terms of process engineering. Depending on the usage, different types e.g. can then also be designed in combination with a water ring pump. 
Planning and production of the steam jet vacuum plants are performed in regard to material use, choice of fittings, process instrumentation and control, surface treatment and plant redundancy are mostly performed according to customer specifications. However, because of the know-how that has accumulated over decades we also act as partners and are glad to assist with the plant design.
Process engineering dimensioning is performed according to VGB or HEI guideline if necessary. The mechanical design and construction follow PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000, ASME-conform or GOST.

All processes related to manufacturing are monitored by our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

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