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The JDV/Ralph B. Carter Anaerobic Digester Covers, for over 50 years, have provided Municipalities and Industry a safe, proven design for efficient installation, long operation and service life of the Anaerobic Digestion Process. JDV has extensive experience in refitting your existing installation or can provide design and installation support and services for new construction projects.

The all steel, Floating and Fixed Covers or the Double Membrane Fabric Covers provide multiple options to meet your current and future Anaerobic Digestion needs. The all steel design covers range from Single or Dual Deck Truss Type Covers, as fixed or floating covers up to 125 feet in diameter. The JDV/Ralph B. Carter Anaerobic Digester Gas Covers provide an all steel, gas tight design in fixed, vertically guided or spherically guided with single deck or dual deck trussing. The Double Membrane Gas Cover design is an excellent option for low cost installation, flexible gas storage capability with protection and insulation from weather elements.

All JDV/Ralph B. Carter Anaerobic Digester Covers are fully compatible with all mixing and heating systems, whether you are employing a JDV Turbo Mixer, a JDV/Ralph B. Carter Sludge Heating System and/or other vendor supplied system(s).

Contact JDV today to learn more about how our solutions can reduce upfront captial costs, improve operational efficiencies and lower operating costs.

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