Grow The Energy Circle Ltd. (GrowTech)

- Anaerobic Digester System


The core of GrowTEC’s sustainability initiative consists of an industrial farm-scale anaerobic digester (AD) that converts large volumes of biodegradable waste into four by-products: methane, heat, effluent irrigation water, and soil amendments that are nutrient-rich and pathogen-free. The methane (biogas) generated by the AD is then converted into bioenergy (electricity).

Waste Biomass Supply - Agreements in principle are in place with Gouw Quality Onions, KCL Cattle Co, Kasko Cattle Company to supply feedstock (organic waste) for the anaerobic digester. GrowTEC is in discussion with the towns of Coaldale, and Taber, and waste collectors to explore the opportunity of diverting organic municipal waste from landfill disposal.

Sale of Electrical Power – The anaerobic digester powers a cogenerating unit that utilizes the biogas produced at a capacity of 633KW of continuous electrical power. This renewable power will initially be marketed and sold through Alberta Electrical Systems Operator (AESO).

Sales of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Credits – Carbon capture and management is becoming a global industry and the GrowTEC biogas facility will have over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent offsets for sale annually.

Digestate Production and Sale – digestate is the digestion by-product, which is separated into nutrient-rich and pathogen-free soil amendment and irrigation water. Growtec will utilize both on the farm and reduce the synthetic fertilizer requirement.

Phase 1 by the numbers, annually

  • Organic waste processed: 25000 tonnes (gross weight)
  • Renewable Power generated: 0.633 MW (base load continuous)
  • Organic Fertilizer produced: 25000 tonnes (liquid and dry)
  • CO2 e credits: 10,000 + tonnes

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