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Tong Peal has over 80 years experience in manufacturing quality handling machinery to the highest standards in the UK. Since the rise of Anaerobic Digestion technology as an advanced means of converting waste materials to energy, we have gained a vast amount of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of effective and reliable anaerobic digestion infeed equipment, as part of an integrated turnkey anaerobic digestion solution.

Our heavy duty anaerobic digestion feeder hoppers and bulk waste transfer equipment are manufactured with the most robust construction to ensure dependable, consistent performance for the steady infeed of waste materials into anaerobic digestion facilities. Custom built to your exact specification, our bulk infeed equipment can be manufactured to handle waste in almost any form, from vegetable and food waste to animal by-products and other organic waste.

With capacities up to as much as 130 cubic metres, Tong Peal bulk handling hoppers can be custom built to feed your anaerobic digestion plant at a rate which meets your demands. Available with variable speed and bulk materials teasing systems for the gradual infeed of waste, our hoppers can provide the perfect solution for a constant flow of bulk materials into anaerobic digesters.

Our expert engineers are dedicated to working closely with our clients including project managers and specialist anaerobic digestion technology suppliers to design a fully integrated, bespoke infeed solution to meet your exact bulk materials handling needs.

Recent projects include an anaerobic digestion infeed system for Staples Vegetables in Lincolnshire, involving integrated heavy duty infeed hoppers for the continuous feed of vegetable and maize waste from the company’s packhouse. The bulk infeed hoppers were custom designed with scraper chain and teaser arrangements, at lengths of 19 metres and capacities of 130 cubic metres per hopper, to provide a constant infeed of waste to the digester, 24 hours a day.

Whatever your anaerobic digester infeed needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how Tong Peal can work with you and other suppliers to provide a complete turnkey solution.

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