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SMARTFERM Anaerobic Digestion System is the advanced system that transforms organic waste streams into safe, environmentally-friendly biogas—a clean, carbon-neutral fuel that can power CNG vehicles or be burned in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit to generate low-cost electricity.This electricity can then be used on-site to offset high energy costs or sold back to participating utilities for credits. All of which is accomplished while eliminating tons of noxious landfill gases, significantly reducing dangerous greenhouse gases, and helping companies and communities quickly meet mandated recycling and waste-reduction levels.


SMARTFERM is a completely modular and scalable Dry Anaerobic Digestion system refined through years of focused research and development.

An entire SMARTFERM system can be installed in a space as small as 3,000 square feet, and fully assembled and operational in as little as 90 days.

Once up and running, a SMARTFERM system efficiently processes between 4,000 and 30,000 tons per year (TPY) of pre- and post- consumer food waste, green waste, and other forms of organic material.

And a SMARTFERM system doesn’t just help save the environment. It complements it. SMARTFERM’s low-impact, low-profile design blends seamlessly into existing urban footprints and infrastructures, making it an ideal solution for small-scale utilities,  corporate campuses, and universities.

The underlying SMARTFERM technology has been in wide use for over a decade throughout Europe—processing hundreds of thousands tons of waste per year.

Now it’s available here for the first time. For all the right reasons.

How does SMARTFERM work? In a word, naturally.

Organic waste is sorted and deposited into an air-tight chamber, where naturally occurring microorganisms are introduced. These organisms break down the biodegradable materials to produce primarily methane gas, with a minor amount of carbon dioxide and minimal amounts of trace gases.

These biogases are then filtered and cleaned to create CNG, which can be safely stored for use as vehicle fuel, or simply used to power a combined heat and power engine that creates both electricity and heat.

The remaining solids are transformed into compost, which returns essential nutrients back into the soil—spurring plant growth, naturally fighting disease and infestation, and protecting against erosion.

From Biogas to CNG. Quickly. Cleanly.

The natural biogas generated from a SMARTFERM system can be quickly  cleaned and converted to create Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)—at half the cost of traditional CNG sources.

It’s clean—emitting up to 90% less smog-producing pollutants and 40% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional diesel fuel.

It’s efficient—CNG-powered engines generate the same amount of torque and horsepower as dirtier-burning alternatives.

All of which makes SMARTFERM the perfect solution for operators who have or will have a CNG fleet.

SMARTFERM and Your Triple Bottom Line
SMART for People
  • Creates green jobs
  • Enhances collection driver safety due to shorter driving distances
  • Enhances collection driver safety by providing a more stable area to unload than the landfill

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