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- Anaerobic Digestion Units


Muckbuster is the right solution for turning slurry and similar farm waste into energy in the form of electricity and heat, whilst generating high value fertiliser as a by-product. The Problem: Manure, slurry and similar waste streams are creating a waste management headache on a global scale. Increasing levels of legislation and taxation are making it harder to spread this waste material on agricultural land. Removal from site to a centralised treatment facility is often not financially viable.

The Solution: Muckbuster has been designed specifically to treat slurry, manure and similar waste streams in an award-winning, containerised Anaerobic Digestion (AD) unit that captures the energy potential of organic waste.

Muckbuster is delivered to site in a series of standard shipping container units and can start to generate energy from waste within 2 weeks of delivery to site. Once installed, slurry is pumped into the unit where it is digested by bacteria that release Biogas as part of the process. This biogas is then used to fuel a CHP engine which provides Electricity and heat to the site.

Non liquid waste streams can be fed into an optional mouth unit for pre-processing before they enter the main AD unit.

Our technology is designed to be rugged, reliable and requires minimal intervention. The fully automated system is remotely monitored to ensure a safe and efficient operation at all times.

  • Turns poop into power
  • Flexible and scalable technology suitable for small and medium size sites
  • Low cost solution for turning waste to energy
  • Short payback period
  • Rugged, reliable, proven technology
  • Fully automated
  • Remote monitoring

Our Technology & Benefit
Turns organic waste into energy     

  • Reduces energy costs on site
  • Reduces the cost of waste disposal
  • Reduces the amount of organic waste going to landfill
  • Reduces carbon emissions

Small scale     

  • Viable for smaller scale operations
  • You can have your own waste to energy plant
  • De-centralises energy generation
  • No need to haul waste to remote handling facility

Containerised and modular     

  • Delivered to site plug-and- play ready
  • Can easily be scaled up or down
  • Can be installed in days rather than months
  • Can be re-located
  • Planning and permitting are simplified

Saves Money     

  • Generates free electricity
  • Generates free heat
  • Saves on waste management
  • Qualifies as a carbon reducing technology;earns FIT income where applicable
  • Produces high quality fertiliser as a by-products

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