Mesotech International, Inc.

Model MT-BPA0001 & MT-BPA0002 - Analog Barometer



The Professional/Advanced Analog Barometer is an accurate and small pressure transducer for an economical price. The sensor is ideal for automatic weather stations using solar or battery power. This barometer is based on the Setraceram™ glass fused ceramic capacitive sensing capsule. The transducer has good thermal stability, low hysteresis, and a fundamentally simple design. The circuitry internal to the barometer compensates the sensing element to achieve long-term stability and high accuracy.

  • 0.25% FS accuracy (advanced)
  • 0.1% FS accuracy optional (professional)
  • Environmentally rugged
  • 0.25%o FS, 6 month stability
  • Compact (2'dia. x 1')
  • Low power consumption
  • Instant warm-up
  • Fast response
  • 12 VDC power input

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