Analox Sensor Technology

Analox Sensor Technology

- Model ASPIDA - Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Portable Monitor



The Aspida is an ideal solution to protect lone laboratory staff from the dangers of a leak of carbon dioxide, enriched oxygen or inert gas.


The Aspida is a robust, high specification personal monitor which can be worn on a belt or even wall mounted as a backup to a primary CO2 or O2 safety system. Offering audio/visual alarms, data logging and a man down alarm for individual lab workers.

The Aspida is available as a stand-alone CO2 or O2 monitor, or as a dual CO2/O2 monitor, ideal where a combination of CO2/O2 and inert gases are used.


Standards such as EH40 in Europe mandate that employee are not exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2 as it is a highly toxic gas in relatively small quantities.  The Aspida is an affordable, easy to operate CO2 monitor and is ideal for ensuring personal safety in the areas of a laboratory where the gas is piped or stored.

The same standards also require that consideration is given to asphyxiant dangers where inert gases such as nitrogen, argon or helium are used then a portable, personal monitor, like the Aspida, may be appropriate following a risk assessment.


The Aspida is usually worn on the belt of the user but can also be wall mounted as a backup to a primary fixed gas detection system.

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