Analox Sensor Technology

Analox Sensor Technology

- Model O2 Portable - Gas Cylinder Monitor



The O2 Portable is a versatile oxygen monitor for scuba divers and sport divers. It can be used for cylinder verification by divers and well as an on-line monitor for filling stations and diving schools. Product code: MO2BGYY01. The O2 Portable comes with a range of 0-100% O2, long-life cell, standard adapter and domed flow adapter/restrictor.


The O2 Portable is an oxygen monitor supplied with different sampling adaptors

As well as being robust, easy to use and accurate, it has a three-year graded warranty.


Checking the oxygen levels within scuba tanks allows for a safely planned dive. As a dive shop, you need to be able to certify the mix you provide and as a scuba diver you need to have confidence in your tanks gas mix.


The O2 Portable is lightweight and rugged so can accompany divers all around the world. As it is also supplied with different sampling adaptors it can also be used as an on-line monitor too in gas distribution panels, diving chambers and compressors.

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