Analox Sensor Technology

- Model SDA - Helium - Saturation Control Gas Monitoring



The SDA Helium (He) monitor is part of a range of panel/rack mountable atmosphere detection monitors designed for commercial diving in mind.


The SDA He monitor provides a full-colour helium reading. To achieve maximum accuracy, it must be used in conjunction with the SDA O2 with the networking option selected.

The alarm set point and calibration can be achieved using the front panel user interface and the SDA He provides audio/visual alarms, optional data-logging and 4-20mA/relay outputs.


Helium is an expensive and vital saturation diving commodity. Monitoring the purity of the heliox in the reclaim system is vital for safety and for operations to remain cost effective.


The SDA He is normally located in sat/dive control and can be supplied in rack or panel mount configurations. Alternatively the SDA He can be placed in the helium reclaim area.

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