- Model BCpreFerm - Analysis System



The BCpreFerm is a complete gas analysis system for investigation of metabolic processes. It consists of O2 and CO2 sensors, BlueVis software for automatic data logging and where required a Multiplexerbox BACCom for simplified data transfer. By the modular setup of the system BCpreFerm can be connected to shake flaks as well as fermenters and thus adapts to your demands. In contrast to central gas analyzers no additional gas coolers, pipes, pumps or valves are required. Gas concentrations are determined by the sensors in a continuous way directly in the shake flask or via a flow adapter.

Running continuous measurements of the CO2 and O2 contents in shake flasks and fermenters facilitates controlled trial conditions with simultaneous analysis of the metabolic processes. Oxygen or substrate limitations can be detected along with metabolic transpositions. Furthermore, a time specific analysis of the desired product is made possible. For improved comparability, the measurement system BCpreFerm can be used for shake flasks and fermenters.

BCpreFerm Consists of:

  • up to 6 CO2- sensors
  • up to 6 O2- sensors
  • Multiplexer BACCom and BACCom EB for connecting 12 sensors through one interface (RS232, USB, Ethernet)
  • FermVis data acquisition software, calculation of the OTR, CTR, RQ


  • Cultivations in:
  • Shake flasks
  • Fermenters

Controlled Growth Through:

  • parallel analysis of CO2 and O2
  • display of OTR, CTR and RQ
  • defined trial conditions

Your Advantages:

  • additional information about the metabolic processes during cultivation
  • high level of comparability
  • adjustable limitation
  • the modular construction of BCPreFerm

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