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- Model Advantage™ - Vacuum Manifold Filtration System For SPE Sample Preparation



Our new Advantage Vacuum Manifold Filtration System is constructed of tough acrylic for optimum performance and visibility. Our newly designed vacuum control system allows you to start/stop the vacuum using a simple toggle switch. A convenient needle valve allows you to adjust the pressure as needed (located to the left of the regulator). Simply turn the needle valve clockwise to increase the pressure and counter clockwise to reduce the pressure. Our vacuum manifold uses an integral flat gasket between the collection plate and the filtration plate which stays totally secure within the system, however, replacement of this gasket is simple and fast. The vacuum seal is a Teflon® encapsulated O-ring which extends exceptional performance and durability.

  • Sturdy Clear Acrylic Construction
  • Adjustable Vacuum Control
  • Easy Access to Filtrate
  • Compatible with All Standard Filter Bottom Microplates
  • Collect Into Any Storage Plate
  • Compatible with Robotic Handling

The Advantage Vacuum Manifold Filtration System allows you to collect into any storage plate (including low volume collection plates) and is compatible with robotic handling systems. A spacer is supplied for use with low volume collection plates.

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The manifold consists of a clear glass cabinet and top to which vacuum is applied. The top is fitted with 12, 16, or 24 female luer connectors in series with a similar number of stopcock valves. These luer connectors enable the manifolds to work with any male luer-hub sample prep device.

Opening the stopcock valve under a clean-up device causes sample or solvent to be drawn through the device and into the cabinet where it can be collected by test tubes, autosampler vial, volumetric flasks, etc. The eluent is deposited directly into the collection vessel via polypropylene needles or optional stainless steel needles. The attached vacuum bleed valve and gauge allows the amount of vacuum to be controlled and monitored.

The 16 Position Manifold was designed specifically for use with the robot compatible columns.

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