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Anchor Solution for plastic membranes and geotextiles against wind distrubance. Anchor Mat is a revolutionary polyethylene mat which is deployed directly upon plastic membranes and geotextiles which are at risk of potential wind disturbance. Any plastic membrane or geotextile which is exposed to the elements is particularly at risk of wind disturbance, which can lead to damage, or even complete failure of the plastic membrane or geotextile.


Damage or complete failure of the membrane leads to complex and costly remediation work and on occasions can lead to possible legal claims between designers, contractors and end users.

Anchor Mat was designed to provide Temporary Capping membranes and geotextiles used within the Landfill Industry, with a secure and sound anchorage solution.

Landfill Sites are by design located in remote and exposed areas which are very prone to strong and unpredictable winds.

The Industry has tried and tested a number of anchor solutions ranging from sand bags, tyres, windrows and ground anchors with limited success; Anchor Mat is the first complete, anchor solution to provide real value for money.

Anchor Mat is installed directly upon insitu membranes and geotextiles and due to its unique construction prevents wind forces from displacing the below membrane and therefore prevents any potential damage.

Anchor Mat has been tested within a number of onsite case studies, which had previous experience of membranes being subjected to wind damage. These trials were monitored and managed by a respected industry based consultancy firm; a final report has been drafted by this consultancy firm and based on the findings Anchor Mat is now commercially available.

Not only does Anchor Mat provide sound anchorage against potential wind damage, it also provides added durability and UV resistance, with Anchor Mat providing a UV block of 80%, to the insitu membrane or geotextile and provides the client with the option of deploying a thinner membrane than perhaps traditionally used which provides a significant overall cost saving.

Anchor Mat is available in roll form, pre-fabricated sized panels and we also offer an on site installation service.

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