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- Model iXon EMCCD - Camera for Fluorescence Microscopy



With the iXon EMCCD cameras, Andor have delivered a dedicated, truly high-end, yet accessible ultrasensitive scientific camera platform, designed specifically to drive the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all critical performance specs and parameters.

  • Single photon sensitivity
  • Back-illuminated > 95% QE
  • Fast frame rates
  • Unique price/performance
  • The ultimate detector for single molecules
  • Preserve accurate cell physiology
  • Now with SRRF-Stream super-resolution

EMCCD: the best technology

The Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) operates by amplification (EM Gain) of weak signal events to a signal level that is well clear of the read noise floor of the camera at any readout speed, rendering them single photon sensitive.

While recent innovations in high QE, low noise sCMOS technology are certainly welcomed for broad scientific usage, only EMCCDs can deliver the raw sensitivity required for the most light starved conditions, and the key application benefits that this unlocks.

iXon: the best camera
Andor’s market leading iXon design ensures the absolute highest sensitivity from a quantitative scientific digital camera, particularly under fast frame rate conditions.

Andor’s proven UltraVac vacuum technology, carrying a 7 year warranty, is critical to ensure both deep cooling and complete protection of the sensor. The iXon series is designed to be the most flexible yet easy to use EMCCD camera on the market, optimizable for a wide variety of application requirements in a single click via the OptAcquire™ feature. Furthermore, signal can be quantitatively calibrated in units of electrons or photons, either real time or post-processing.

Solutions: the best for your application

  • Single Molecule Detection – single molecule experiments present us with the considerable challenge of harnessing the limited photon budget from dynamic, individual fluorescent molecules, while also avoiding photobleaching. Andor iXon EMCCDs have continued to radically out-perform sCMOS detectors in this most demanding of light starved application areas.
  • Super-Resolution – SRRF-Stream is a NEW real time super-resolution microscopy functionality that operates on Andor’s iXon EMCCD cameras. ‘SRRF-Stream unlocks the means to perform real time super resolution microscopy on conventional modern fluorescence microscopes. Resolution improvement from 2- to 6-fold (50-150nm final resolution) can be expected for most datasets.
  • Reduced phototoxicity – iXon facilitates use of lowest possible excitation power while maintaining superb signal to noise ratio, minimizing phototoxic effects. No other camera is this good at preserving your cell’s physiological behaviour over extended periods of measurement.
  • Lowest fluorophore concentrations – There is an ongoing drive in fluorescence microscopy to push to lower and lower fluorophore concentrations in order not to perturb the physiology of the living cells being studied. iXon’s superior sensitivity facilitates use of unprecedentedly low label concentrations, thus minimizing the ‘observer effect’.
  • Single Photon Counting – iXon Ultra presents the absolute lowest noise levels possible, providing the level of discrimination needed to confidently detect and register single photon events, ideal for demanding quantum physics applications such as entangled photon studies.

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