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The Universal Granulator UG of ANDRITZ Recycling processes a variety of different materials to high quality results and convinces in particular due to the dynamic application and the shredding results. The Granulator UG series consists of four different machine sizes: The Granulators UG 600, UG 1000, UG 1600 and UG 2000. The equipment of the machine is determined by the main application, so that the features can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements. Decisive for the huge success of the Universal Granulator UG is apart from the high flexibility and the convincing results also the high operational safety and reliability.


The Universal Granulator UG works on the principle of guillotine shears. The material is cut above rotating knife blocks on stationary knives. The granulating screen mounted underneath determines with variable hole sizes of 5-100 mm the granulation as well as the respective throughput.

Granulator UG cutting unit

The Universal Granulator UG shreds and granulates the following material to defined granule sizes:

  • Domestic, industrial and bulky waste
  • Tires (cars, trucks, construction machines)
  • Electrical/Electronic waste, electric motors
  • Cable scrap
  • Oil filters
  • Metal composites
  • Fiber-glass reinforced plastics
  • Contraries, textiles, carpets, floor covers
  • Films, paper
  • Shredder-light-fraction
  • Production waste like metal turnings, punch scrap, rejects

Aluminum output fraction after treatment with the Universal Granulator UG
  • Consistently high quality of cutting due to re-adjustable cutting blocks
  • Low-wear cutting blocks, rotatable four ways and quickly replaceable
  • Perfect quality of results
  • Processing of very massive, unhardened metals possible
  • Precise adjustment of the cutting gap for very fine composite materials
  • Special hardened screens with a hole size of up to 100 mm for a high flexibility with low wear
  • Rotor forged from one piece, robust and reliable
  • High cutting performance and very good wear protection
  • High stability due to the solid construction, absorbs impacts safely
  • Higher throughput due to an pusher
  • Maintenance free coupling system for the protection of the machine
  • Energy-efficient drive of the machine due to flywheel drive
  • Constant development (last revision in 2015)
  • Working experience for decades for various applications
  • Wealth of experience in the granulation of all kinds of materials
  • Worldwide references

Benefits of the eco version of the Universal Granulator UG

  • Reduced overall height for more stability, lower input height, easy to maintain
  • Segmented screen: Easy to replace, different screens with different hole diameters possible, lower wear through flexible positions of the screens
  • Subdivided rotor housing for faster replacement of rotor and cutting tools
  • Energy-saving drive mechanism
  • Integrated pendular pusher for higher capacity

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