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Whenever metal is involved, the ANDRITZ MeWa technology can prove its strengths. Especially components from end-of-life vehicles (ELV), like tires, oil filters, catalytic converters and motor blocks, contain a variety of valuable raw materials for which ANDRITZ MeWa has developed pioneering solutions. Obtaining the rubber from used tires, the metals from oil filters and catalytic converters, the aluminum from wheel rims and engine blocks or the steel springs from seats – ANDRITZ MeWa recycling technology offers the right solution for any situation.

The objective of tire recycling is to break down the used tires into their individual components – rubber, steel wire and textiles. ANDRITZ Recycling plants recover the raw materials in a multi-stage recycling process that achieves highest levels of purity.


Tire Recycling Plants

From used tires to rubber granulate

  1. Pre-shredding: Universal Rotary Shear UC
  2. First granulation step: Universal Granulator UG
  3. Fe separation
  4. Second granulation step: Universal Granulator UG
  5. Separation/cleaning process
  6. Fine granulation: Universal Cutting Mill USM
  7. Separation/cleaning process



  • Car tires
  • Truck tires
  • Agricultural tires



  • Tire shreds
  • Rubber granules / powder
  • Steel wire / textile fluff

The objective of oil filter recycling is to win back clean fractions of ferrous metals and oil for reselling. First, extraneous material has to be sort out from the infeed. After that the oil filters are shredded with the Universal Granulator UG. Iron, oil and paper are cleanly separated. The oil is pumped down and stored separately.


Oil Filter Recycling Plants

A clean process

  1. Pre-shredding: Universal Rotary Shear UC
  2. Granulating: Universal Granulator UG
  3. Separation of oil
  4. Fe separation
  5. Fe fraction
  6. Rest fraction


Input automotive parts

  • Oil filters
  • Catalytic converters
  • Motor blocks
  • Aluminum rims


Output oil filters

  • Ferrous metals (approx. 44%)
  • Paper (approx. 40%)
  • Oil (approx. 16%)

  • Applied process know-how from ANDRITZ ensures minimized operating costs with highly efficient process equipment
  • Single customer interface – entire system, all sub-processes and components from one source
  • Modular system designs allow tailor-made solutions for the specific waste streams
  • Highest cutting performance and capacity of the shredders
  • Extremely wear-resistant rotor, blade blocks and blades
  • Adjustable parameters for influencing the output quality and size
  • Clean output fractions

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