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- Model D-Series - Decanter Centrifuges for Efficient Sludge Thickening and Dewatering



Handling the 24/7 demanding requirements of modern wastewater treatment plants is a daily challenge. Looking for a well-proven solution which is continuously improved? Wanting to optimize performance while reducing power consumption? Hoping to reduce costs? Our D-type decanter centrifuges are the ideal solution for almost all wastewater applications!

Whatever you are looking for dewatering or thickening, the D-type decanter centrifuge can handle various flow rates and types of sludge providing you with state-of-the-art separation depending on your input, process and objectives. Allowing a high dryness which is not reached with any other mechanical technology, our D-series decanter centrifuge is a reliable machine with optimized performance while reducing power consumption by up to 40%.

The ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge D scroll is the most flexible available on the market. Its specific open flight design reduces the torque created by the sludge and improves the clarification rate. The special cone design leads to a high sludge compaction.

  • Reduction of sludge conveying torque by 30%  which impacts positively the gear box life time and the scroll drive size
  • High cake dryness due to better sludge compaction
  • Optimization of centrifuge power consumption due to High Hydraulic Pressure design
  • Excellent centrate quality due to improved and flow conditions

Above the traditional features of decanter centrifuges (change of the bowl speed, relative scroll speed and pond depth), the ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge D is distinguished by the possibility to adjust these parameters independently.

  • “Plugless” machine (High hydraulic force decrease drastically plugging situation)
  • Higher capacity (no real scroll differential speed limitation) as hydraulic pressure impacts sludge extraction

ANDRITZ SEPARATION is committed to reduce your operation costs and to save valuable resources by continuously improving the efficiency of our decanters depending on your flow and your application, by providing some additional features:

  • TurboJet weir plate: The patented TurboJet weir plate guides the liquid discharge in the opposite direction to the bowl rotation. Adjustable nozzles form a jet similar to a jet engine’s exhaust and provide a thrust force. This extra force aids the bowl rotation and reduces power consumption.
    • Proven in a variety of applications
    • Does not affect cake dryness, capture rate, etc.
    • Interchangeable nozzles allow fine-tuning for different flow rates
  • HIgh Hydraulic Pressure (HHP) Design: By reducing the discharge diameter of the bowl, the power consumption is reduced significantly while pond depth and hydraulic pressure are increased. While the higher pond depth improves the flow conditions the high hydraulic pressure supports the solid removal. Since power consumption is proportional to the square of the radius of the port for discharge of the solids/liquids, reducing the radius of the discharge ports decreases the decanter’s specific power consumption significantly.
    • Reduces power losses from the accelerated liquid and solids flows
  • Direct or regenerative drive: ADRITZ decanter centrifuges D are available in both versions, direct and regenerative drive. According to your specific needs, application and relative speed used, ANDRITZ  will propose you the right drive to reach your objectives and demands while maintaining the lowest energy consumption.

  • Up to 40% savings in energy costs
  • Low cost of ownership due to low power consumption features and high performance rotor
  • Easy and immediate change of process settings due to variable scroll and bowl speeds
  • Inline and fast dismantling design
  • Minimum footprint requirements due to in-line design
  • Optimum process performance due to adjustable pond depth and automatic control system
  • Lowest possible machine downtime due to easy, fast, and efficient service and maintenance efforts
  • High capacity and dryness
  • Ease of maintenance and low maintenance cost
  • Closed cooling system, no cross contamination


  • Thickening and dewatering of municipal wastewater
  • Treatment of drinking water sludge by high performance rotor
  • Dewatering of desalination sludge and municipal solid waste
  • Dredging/drilling mud
  • Pulp and paper sludge

Mining & Minerals

  • CaCo3
  • Tailings
  • Drill mud

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