Angle Brush Sweeper



The Aero’sweep is an angle brush sweeper with a distinctive feature: the sweeper has no wheel. It is thus an economical sweeper with a long life cycle. A hydraulic control ensures a perfect adjustment on uneven ground.

The Aero’sweep works with one double acting spool.

  • By setting the joystick in one direction the brush moves down meantime the brush rotates.
  • The brush stabilizes itself in contact with the ground to get a constant sweeping pressure thus ensuring a perfect sweeping on uneven ground. The brush is self adjusted when it wears out and thus requires no action from the operator.
  • On the other direction, the brush lifts up enabling a safe handling.
  • Minimum oil flow: 30 l/min
  • Pressure: 180 bar

  • No wheel: exclusive and economical.
  • Sturdy machine: oversized pivots and axes.
  • ABS system (Patented): perfect adaptation on uneven ground. The ABS Sytem can balance an important high amplitude.
  • Level mark: the driver controls the brush position from the cab.
  • Support legs for storage.
  • Fully integrated hoses: optimal protection for the driver and the machine.

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