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The Schlueter Company

- Angle Line Strainer/Filter


Safgard Angle Line Strainer/Filters; Sturdily constructed for continuous and extended service life. Strainer housing is 4' milk tube with large radius end cap for easy flush cleaning. Standard fittings are quick clamp type with maximum pressure rating of 100 psi. The standard filter frame is made of 14 ga. SS with ¼' hole perforations. Frames made of wedgewire or small hole perforated stainless are offered for optional use.

NOTE: This model Strainer/Filter has directional flow characteristics. Standard flow directs product to the exterior of the strainer frame. Optionally, solids may be collected on the inside of the frame. “Reverse Flow” features permit similar solids collection features, but from opposite strainer openings. The two sizes of strainers accommodate a large range of solids removal from pump able solutions. To extend strainer capacity, these models can be installed in parallel -and with individual shut off valves so one or more of the parallel units can be cleaned while the others continue in service.

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