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- Corrosive Emission Control-Upgraded Materials of Construction



Anguil’s thermal and catalytic oxidizer technologies are capable of destroying halogenated organic acids and mixed organic vapor contaminants that are discharged from a variety of industrial process streams. We have also developed several destruction devices specifically for soil and groundwater remediation sites contaminated with chlorinated compounds such as carbon tetrachloride, tetrachloroethene (PCE) or trichloroethene (TCE).

  • Upgraded materials of construction ensure long equipment lifetime
  • Decades of experience handling chlorinated compounds from various applications
  • System flexibility addresses a wide range of process conditions and easily controls multiple sources
  • Competitive capital equipment cost

The Chlorinated model is selected based on volume of airflow, contaminant type and desired destruction efficiency. Similar to a standard thermal or catalytic oxidizer, destruction of emission laden air is achieved through high temperature combustion with heat recovery to reduce operating costs by preheating incoming contaminants. When halogenated hydrocarbons such as chlorine, bromine and fluorine are present in the process gas, Anguil makes special considerations to design an emission control system that will not only protect against corrosion but also scrub the acids produced during oxidation.

  • Temperature and residence times are increased to ensure halogen destruction efficiency
  • Induced draft fan design is used to eliminate acid gas escape
  • Critical components are upgraded to higher alloys to withstand the corrosive emissions
  • External shrouds are added or vinyl ester coatings applied to prevent acid corrosion of the external shell
  • When special coatings are applied they are subject to pre and post application inspections by a third party
  • Acid Gas Scrubbers are incorporated into the system for further treatment of acidic emissions
  • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) fan and ductwork are used when necessary

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