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- Model ACS 020/030 Series - Universal Condencate Separator



The condensate separator for gas- / liquid separation consists of standard parts of the modular designed universal filter series ACS. The separator heads are equipped with a second G1/4” thread closed by a blind plug.

The sample gas is lead through the vertical drilling of the element holder to the lower part of the separator. The phase break is ensured by turning the flow direction of the gas stream by use of gravity and a decrease of the flow rate.

The PTFE version of the ACS can be heated up to 180°C. The glass body separator version enables the user a visual  control of the function from the outside. The optimal position of the O-ring guarantees a sure sealing between the separator body and the separator head.

The separator inlet and outlet can be rotated a 180°C on the wall mounting bracket thus enabling an easy adjustment to local circumstances.

In line with application requirements, the drainage process of the condensate may be completed with an externally installed condensate vessel, condensate trap or a peristaltic pump from the Ankersmid Sampling portfolio.

The Ankersmid universal separator ACS is used to separate condensate from saturated sample gases.

  • Reliable separation of gas and condensate
  • Second inlet connection possible
  • Different material combinations
  • Head out of PTFE or stainless steel
  • Body out of Duran glass or stainless steel
  • Function visible in versions with glass body

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