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- Model 600 - Oil Mist Eliminators



The oil mist eliminator Anna effectively cleans the oil mist/oil smoke formed during the CNC metal working process. Besides dispensing clean air into the workshop, the Anna recycles almost all of your oil/coolant separated.

The Anna is suitable for all applications involving processes using oil, coolants or other lubricants. Even with tough applications such as grinding and machining of cast iron you can expect a 99.97% particle-free air. Read more about how this is possible under the Technology section.

The Anna works on all machine tools with a cabin volume of up to 212 CF (6 m³ ) and can be installed directly on top of the machine tool, on the side, on a wall/column or on a pillar stand. See examples on how others have installed their Anna further down on this page.

  • Application Cleaning oil mist (cutting fluid/coolant) from the workshop environment
  • Mounting Directly on top, On a pillar stand, On a wall/column stand
  • Max cabin size <6m3
  • Airflow 600m3/h

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