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- Model WP - Ozone Water Analyzer



The Ozomat WP is suitable for any kind of water and is used for process control. A small part of the ozone dissolved in the water is desorbed and detected very precisely in the photometer (MP). The desorption is linear to the concentration in the water. Sensitivity to changes of temperature and pressure is compensated. The MP unit is provided with a microprocessor (see also the technical description of the Ozomat MP).The OzomatWP detects even smallest residual ozone concentrations. The stability of its measurement precision assures minimal ozone requirements. This substantially saves energy in large water treatment plants and diminishes the cost of unneeded electrical power.

The patented WP measuring process was developed by Anseros particularly for selective detection of low residual concentrations of ozone in water.It can be used advantageously for moderate and very high concentrations, even for concentrated ozone in water up to 200g 03/m3H2O. It consists of a hydraulic section  and a separate UV process photometer (MP). The WP principle is patented and approved by CEN. For solvents other than water, such as ammonia , hydrochloric acid, and methylene chloride, special application designs are available.   

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