Aquatreat bvba

- Model 520 - Anti Scale Reverse Osmosis Membranes



AQUATREAT 520 is a high concentrated blend of strong dispersants and sequestrants that will avoid, reduce and even remove deposits of inorganic and organic nature such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, silicates, mud and silt in Reverse. Osmosis membranes and distillation units.  AQUATREAT 520 can also be used in boilers, scrubbers and cooling water to keep them free of deposits.


  • Reversed osmosis/distillation units/scrubber: 2-20 ppm continuously on make-up water
  • Boilers: concentration of 25-250 ppm in the boilerwater continuously
  • Cooling water: 2-50 ppm continuously on make-up water

A method to determine its concentration in the treated water is available.


  • Polyethylene drums of 22 or 220 litres or containers of 1000 litres.


  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye-protection.

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