- Antifouling Aspirator



With the growing use and challenge caused by supposedly flushable wipes, we have customized our Aire-02® Aspirators with a larger stainless steel antifouling propeller and housing for low maintenance operation that excels in heavy debris conditions. The resilient design with the patented rotating propeller forces water outward horizontally past the end of the shaft, creating a vacuum that draws atmospheric air down the shaft. The air is then dispersed in a large plume of fine bubbles to maximize oxygen dispersion and mixing. Flexible sizing and mounting options allow for easy installation in a variety of applications and even oxygen dispersion throughout the entire basin, regardless of its size or shape.

  • Trusted performance in challenging, heavy debris conditions
  • Easy to install and portable; ideal for retrofits
  • Performance efficiency in winter months
  • No aerosols
  • Mixing and fine bubble aeration
  • Variable mounting angle offers flexibility
  • Three-year warranty for 10-30hp (7.5-22kW) sizes in worldwide voltage, phase and Hz combinations
  • Field replaceable, water lubricated lower bearing with wear-resistant sleeve

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