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- Model C30 - Single Chip Network Processor



The Anybus CompactCom 30-series product range is powered by the Anybus NP30, a single chip network processor. HMS offers device manufacturers the possibility to integrate the N30-based CompactCom C30 chip solution directly into their own PCB design. This provides a tight and optimized integration between the C30 solution and the host device's processor. The C30 chip solution includes network controllers for Profibus. Ethernet networks as well as CAN-based networks, all fitted in a small BGA housing of just 10 x 10 mm. Some networks are covered with a combination of NP30 and a second dedicated communication asic for the network in question.

C30 offloads your host microprocessor
CompactCom C30 does not interfere with your host processor, on the contrary, it complements your main application micro-processor by off-loading it from communication tasks.

Ideal for general automation devices and high volume
The very small size and low power consumption of C30 combined with processing power to run most fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet protocols make it possible to make applications communicate where this wasn't possible earlier due to size or power constraints. Devices such as sensors, bar-code readers, solid state relays, pressure transmitters, power meters and low end drives are some of the devices for which the C30 is a perfect fit.

Licensing of the Anybus CompactCom C30 technology
HMS makes available the C30 chip for direct integration into the customer PCB design under a licencing agreement.

C30 is used as a communication co-processor to the host application and it will only run the Anybus protocol software. It cannot be used as a general purpose processor due to its optimized design for communication only.


  • Very small size, only 10x10 mm BGA housing with very low power consumption
  • Off-load your host microcontroller of all communcation tasks
  • Integrated Profibus. DeviceNet. Ethernet and CAN - other networks require an additional network asic
  • Optimized for low price, high volume and general performance
  • Network firmware is downloaded during final product manufacturing
  • C30 covers several network protocols, minimizing component inventory and maximizing flexibility
  • Ability to perform firmware upgrades and be able to use the latest software versions from HMS

Size: 10 x 10 x 1.4mm (l_xWxH)
Power Supply: 3.3 Volt
Temperature: Operating -40°C to + 85 °C
Housing: Plastic laminate FBGA 144 BALL 0.8mm PITCH
Soldering: IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D
MSL Moisture sensitivity: 3

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