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Great motors are at the core of any great robot. The actuation defines the way machines work and is a key component for a system’s performance. For advancing robots to real-world applications, strong and safe interaction with a sense of touch is essential. This is why we have created ANYdrive, a strong, compact, lightweight, ruggedized, and water-proof electric actuator with the most advanced motion and force control capabilities.

  • Wheeled & Tracked Robots — ANYdrive is a fully integrated actuator which works as a modular and simple to use robot joint to effortlessly create high-performance mobile robots.
  • Legged Robots — Strong and lightweight actuation boosts the performance of advanced legged robots with high-frequency and low-latency control requirements.
  • Robot Arms — Daisy-chain ANYdrives to any morphology to provide advanced force control manipulators which are safe for collaboration with human workers.
  • Manufacturing & Testing — Tactile sensing and controlled interaction for polishing, grinding, or low-tolerance assembly with system monitoring for operation time-based maintenance.
  • Exoskeletons - Integrated electronics provide a distributed safety layer with sensitive monitoring Df positions, velocities, and torque foi wearable devices.
  • Artificial Limbs - Built for everyday use, ANYdrive is impact robust, ruggedized, and sealed against water and dust ingress.
  • Therapy — Accurate force control allows to guide the limbs and monitor the force exerted by the user.

All-in-One Actuator :

ANYdrive is a fully integrated robotic joint combining motor, gear, and electronics with position, speed, and torque sensing in one device.

Precise Torque Control

The integrated mechanical spring enables accurate and drift-free torque sensing and tracking for robots with a sense of touch.

Ready for Impact

Absorbing the energy from impacts, the spring protects the powertrain and other components during planned and unexpected collisions.

Water & Dust Proof

ANYdrive is completely sealed against dust and water ingress (IP67) and employs military-grade connectors.

Absolute Position Sensing

Precise absolute encoders, factory calibration, and versatile hardware positioning features render calibration by the user unnecessary.

Advanced Control

High-performance embedded control allows for a combination of torque, velocity, position, and impedance command tracking including integrated acceleration estimation.

EtherCAT® Communication

Reliable, low-jitter, and high-bandwidth EtherCAT® communication enables star and daisy-chain topologies.

Integrated IMU

An integrated 6D IMU provides gyroscope and accelerometer measurements for additional sensory feedback.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Functionality and safety are provided through real-time sensing of device temperatures and internal humidity.

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