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ANYmal moves and operates autonomously in challenging terrain and interacts safely with the environment. As a multi-purpose robot platform, it is applicable on industrial indoor or outdoor sites for inspection and manipulation tasks, in natural terrain or debris areas for search and rescue tasks, or on stage for animation and entertainment. Its four legs allow the robot to crawl, walk, run, dance, jump, climb, carry — whatever the task requires.

Robotic Platform Capabilities

Extreme Mobility
ANYmal's legs provide unparalleled mobility in all directions when moving up and down stairs, climbing over obstacles, steps, and gaps, and crawling into tight spaces. On moderate and flat terrain, the legs provide high-speed locomotion up to 1.0m/s(3.6km/h).

Advanced Autonomy
Onboard sensors and intelligence provide fully autonomous orientation, mobility, and task execution without the need for a data connection. ANYmal continuously scans the terrain and obstacles to find a safe path in complex environments.

With its rugged design and IP-67 ingress protection, ANYmal's territory includes harsh in- and outdoor environments with rain, splash water, wind, snow, and dust The perception system operates in all light conditions nc jd ng harsh sunlight and fu I darkness.

Lightweight, Small & Safe
At a weight of 30 kg and the dimensions of mid-sized dog (see specifications for details), the system can be handled by a single operator and features a small footprint. The ANYdrives joints with built in-built compliance guarantee safety and low noise emission.

Long-Lasting Endurance
The onboard battery provides 2-4 hours power autonomy (depending on activity) and can be easily swapped. A docking station provides ANYmal with the possibility to automatically charge without operator interaction.

Simple Manipulation
While legs are great for walking, they are also useful for simple manipulation. Pushing a door open, pressing a button, or moving obstacles can be easily achieved with extensive range of motion of ANYmal's legs.

Automated tasks and missions can be intuitively programmed through the user Interface. During execution, the current activity can be monitored and adapted in real-time. At any point, the operator can take over by remote controlling ANYmal to the desired place.

Convenient Maintenance
ANYmal is built of twelve ANYdrive robot joints, combining actuation, transmission, and electronics as a fully enclosed device. This reduces complexity and hence the risk of failure, and for maintenance, single drives can be exchanged with ease.

With the help of task-specific payloads, ANYmal opens up endless application possibilities. The robot features a dedicated payload hardware interface and an integrated application computational unit. A range of software APIs allows for tight integration with existing and new devices and systems.

Visual Inspection
A high-end RGB zoom camera collects detailed information from large distances. Computer vision algorithms interpret the images to read out the state of components such as analog gauges, liquid level meters, and valve lever positions.

Thermal Inspection
A thermal camera measures precise temperature readings without physical interaction to monitor the operation of machinery. Regular scanning of the environment for temperature anomalies allows detecting risks such as cable fire before they occur.

Auditory Inspection
The acoustic signature of machines and processes can be precisely captured by microphones to detect deviations from normal operation. Moreover, ultra-sonic microphones are used to pick up and localize gas leaks.

3D Mapping
Laser sensors are used to create a precise, high-resolution 3D map of the environment. These maps are valuable data to survey environments and to detect any geometrical changes.

Object Detection
Advanced computer algorithms are used to identify objects and humans in camera images and laser measurements. This allows to check for example whether a passage way is clear, fire-extinguishers are available, and no people are present in forbidden areas.

Gas Detection
Early detection of gases contributes towards the safe operation of facilities, and sensitive gas detection sensors are used to alert about potential hazards from gas emissions

  • All-terrain locomotion :Different gaits allow for omnidirectional motion, accurate foot placement in rough terrain and for fast locomotion on moderate and flat grounds.
  • Compliant actuation :The ANYdrive joints allow for interaction force control and full 360° joint rotations to enable versatile maneuvers for various locomotion and manipulation tasks.
  • Environment perception :LIDAR or stereo cameras provide 3D vision data for localization, mapping and path planning.
  • Hardware interface : Customizable adapter interface to mount a pan-tilt sensor head and other application payload.
  • Robust & lightweight :A combination of carbon fiber and aluminium ensures high robustness and low weight.
  • Ingress-protected & ruggedized :ANYmal is completely sealed against dust and water ingress (IP67) and the ruggedized design protects it from impact in harsh environments.
  • Computing & battery power
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Power consumption 300 W
  • Payload up to 10 kg
  • Power autonomy 2–4 h
  • Min. size (lying) 80 x 60 x 40 cm
  • Joint mobility 360° for all joints
  • Operating size (standing) 80 x 60 x 70 cm
  • Software Ubuntu, ROS

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