AOS Filter system

BioLargo AOS Filter- Our featured AOS Filter system facilitates continuous and scalable treatment with maximum efficiency using GRAS components to convert contaminates to H2O and CO2.  We destroy hard to get contaminates and disinfect rapidly and completely. We are complimentary with multiple filter systems.  We extend the life of filtration systems, lower corrosion and conserve chemistry.

BioLargo AOS Filter led to BioLargo’s cofounding of an ongoing research chair to solve the contaminated water issues associated with the Canadian Oil Sands at the University of Alberta Department of Engineering with the top 5 oil companies in Canada, the regional water district, and various environmental agencies of the Canadian government.

Isan™ System Winner of a Top 50 Water Technology Award by the Artemis Project and a Dupont Innovation Award for its work in agriculture in Australia and New Zealand.

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