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APC Dampers and Bypass Systems



Clyde Bergemann offers a wide range of Bachmann® damper solutions for Air Pollution Control applications.  We pay particular attention to operating temperatures, leakage requirements, and corrosion factors to design accordingly with appropriate metallurgy and engineering to ensure equipment durability and performance. We draw on decades of experience in projects at hundreds of new plants and retrofits around the world, representing tens of thousands of MW of installations in all types of harsh environments and operating conditions. Clyde Bergemann's damper systems and components feature maximised pre-assembly that allows for ease of field assembly, as well as different seal air skid configurations to best serve any given plant layout.

We supply quality dampers and ancillary equipment for use with the following APC system technologies:

Particulate Removal / Electrostatic Preciptators and Fabric Filters (Bag Houses)

  • Inlet and outlet ISO-Flex isolation guillotines
  • Inlet and outlet ISO-Flow isolation louvers
  • Bypass double poppets


DeNOx / Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

  • Complete SCR Bypass Systems
  • 4-Port Diverter System
  • Components
  • Diverter and ISO-Flex Isolation Flap Dampers
  • Guillotine Dampers
  • Double Louver Dampers
  • Seal Air Skids
  • Expansion Joints


SCR applications present multiple challenges, such as high temperature operation, high ash loads, and zero-leakage requirements. Clyde Bergemann equipment is engineered to capably handle this tough environment through innovative designs.

The patented Bachmann® 4-Port Diverter offers an excellent solution for providing both SCR online and bypass functions, with flow modulation and 100% isolation positions. The system delivers reliability and cost advantages over conventional options.

In addition to the 4-Port Diverter system, Clyde Bergemann offers a range of flap, louver, and guillotine dampers.  Each of these components is designed to stand up to the harsh environment of SCR service.

DeSOx / Flue Gas Desulfurisation (FGD)

  • Entire FGD Damper Systems
  • ISO-Flow Louver Dampers
  • ISO-Flex Guillotine Dampers
  • Diverter Dampers
  • Butterfly Dampers
  • Seal Air Skids
  • Expansion Joints


Clyde Bergemann provides a complete package approach to isolation and bypass of FGD systems. Depending upon the specific requirement, the systems are supplied either as entire units or as individual components.  We offer dampers suitable for different desulfurisation technologies, including Dry FGD (DFGD) and Wet FGD (WFGD), as well as Sea Water FGD (SWFGD).

Patented features in our FGD systems provide leading edge equipment that is cost effective to suit every plant layout, new construction or retrofit, up to the largest plants.  Our designs specifically address challenges of FGD systems, such as the high corrosion environment and zero-leakage requirements.

Our tandem seal design offers the best technical solution for FGD isolation at an economical price. The tandem seal design delivers all of the advantages of a double louver damper but at a reduced initial cost, as well as in operation and maintenance.

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Clyde Bergemann is experienced in supplying air-gas handling equipment for commercial-scale CCS.

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