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- Model AS6M - 6” Rewindable Submersible Motor



AS6M: Rewindable, water cooled, added with propylene glycol, immerged Motor 6”.Coupling flange with M12 holes according to Standard Nema for 6”.Shaft with teeth of Duplex® steel according to Standard Nema for 6”.Winding outer shell of AISI 304.Bolts, nuts and fixing system of AISI 304.Protection: IP68.Power size: 4Kw - 37Kw.Voltage: Three-phase 230V - 400V - 460V (+6% / -10%).Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz.Winding: standard Winding of PVC.Motor cable 4 m DRINCABLE® (approval ACS and WRAS).Trust bearing: Kingsbury type.Rotation: clockwise/anti-clockwise.Installation: vertical/horizontal.Axial load: 20000N - 30000N.Starting number. max. 20 per hour.Ambience temperature: max. 30°C considering a minimum cooling flow of: 4Kw - 15Kw v=0.2 m/s - 18,5Kw - 37Kw v=0.5 m/s

  • Special Voltages
  • Starting wise: Y/Δ (cable will be positioned at 90°)
  • Windings equipped with Insulation PE2/PA for temperatures of max. 50°C
  • Temperature sensor PT100
  • Special Mechanical Seals

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