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PS 12B specifies sampling, and analytical, and quality-assurance criteria and procedures for the performance-based monitoring of vapor-phase mercury (Hg) emissions in combustion flue gas streams, using a sorbent trap monitoring system. The principle employed is continuous sampling using in-stack sorbent media coupled with analysis of the integrated samples. The performance-based approach of Appendix K allows for use of various suitable sampling and analytical technologies while maintaining a specified and documented level of data quality through performance criteria.

Method 30B is a procedure for measuring total vapor-phase mercury (Hg) emissions from coal-fired combustion sources using sorbent trap sampling and an extractive or thermal analytical technique. This method is only intended for use only under relatively low particulate conditions (e.g., sampling after all pollution control devices).

  • High Capacity Impregnated Carbon
  • Low Mercury Background Levels
  • Custom Spiking Available
  • Textured, Easy Grip Caps will ensure Accurate Leak Checking
  • Protective Transport Tubes
  • Chain of Custody Included
  • Long Term Storage
  • Variable Testing Duration

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